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Anglia Tutors Guardianships

Anglia Tutors offers a full guardianship service for parents from abroad, whose children are living, or about to be living, in the UK at school or university.

Most schools in the UK require students from overseas to have a guardian, or guardian family, to act as a point of contact in any emergency, and to provide care and accommodation when the school is closed for exeat weekends, or holidays. Such guardians should live an hour, or less, from the school.

We provide a 24 hour service to make sure that your child is fully supported, while in the UK. Our team of experienced staff have many years’ experience in running boarding schools, boarding houses, study centres and homestays. We will make sure that your child’s stay in the UK is a secure and happy one.

Anglia Tutors provides:

  • A friendly, welcoming host family, near to where your child is studying. The family will provide a home when the school is closed for exeat weekends, or in the holidays and half-terms, if required. The family will always act as a caring, sensible parent would act, and provide a point of immediate contact at all times. All our families are carefully chosen by us, after undergoing a rigorous vetting process.
  • Regular contact between us, you and the school.
  • Meeting and greeting at airports, and all travel arrangements as required.
Teenage girls
  • Visits to school to attend Parents’ Evenings, concerts and special events.
  • Monitoring of your child’s academic progress and a written report at the end of term.
  • Support and advice, 24/7, should any emergency arise.
  • Assistance with purchase of any necessary items, such as sim cards and stationery.
  • Management of pocket money, if required.

For further information about Anglia Tutors Guardianships, please see our
contact details or download and complete our Guardianship Registration Form below.

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